Oct 242014

SpRay 1.1


SpRay supports the visualization of the high dimensional data; such as microarray data using parallel coordinates and information visualization methods.


Research Group “Integrative Transcriptomics” , Center for Bioinformatics Tübingen, University of Tübingen




  • Linux/MacOS
  • R package




Oct 242014
iPHAP 1.1 - Interactive Phased Haplotype Visualization

iPHAP  1.1 :: DESCRIPTION iPHAP is an interactive phased haplotype visualization tool, featuring a variety of interaction possibilities such as zooming, sorting, filtering and aggregation of rows in order to explore patterns hidden in large genetic datasets. ::DEVELOPER Research Group “Integrative Transcriptomics” , Center for Bioinformatics Tübingen, University of Tübingen :: SCREENSHOTS :: REQUIREMENTS Linux/MacOS / [...]

Oct 242014
TSSpredator 1.04 - Comparative TSS Prediction from RNA-seq data

TSSpredator 1.04 :: DESCRIPTION TSSpredator is a Java program for the automated detection and classification of TSS from RNA-seq data. ::DEVELOPER Research Group “Integrative Transcriptomics” , Center for Bioinformatics Tübingen, University of Tübingen :: SCREENSHOTS :: REQUIREMENTS Windows / Linux/MacOS Java :: DOWNLOAD  TSSpredator :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Dugar G, Herbig A, Förstner KU, Heidrich N, [...]

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Oct 242014
Mayday 2.14 - Microarray Data Analysis

Mayday 2.14 :: DESCRIPTION Mayday (Microarray Data Analysis)is a workbench for visualization, analysis and storage of microarray data. Mayday offers a variety of plug-ins, such as various interactive viewers, a connection to the R statistical environment, a connection to SQL-based databases, and different clustering methods, including phylogenetic methods. In addition, so-called meta information objects are [...]

Oct 242014
nocoRNAc 1.23 - Predict & Characterise ncRNA Transcripts in Bacteria

nocoRNAc 1.23 :: DESCRIPTION nocoRNAc (non-coding RNA characterization) is a Java program for the prediction and characterization of ncRNA transcripts in bacteria. nocoRNAc takes the coordinates of putative ncRNA loci as input and annotates them with transcriptional features to conduct strand-specific transcript predictions. Our approach is not limited to intergenic regions but also applied to [...]

Oct 242014
NOVOMIR 1.11 - de novo Prediction of microRNA-coding Regions in a Single Plant Genome

NOVOMIR 1.11 :: DESCRIPTION NOVOMIR is a program for the identification of miRNA genes in plant genomes. It uses a series of filter steps and a statistical model to discriminate a pre-miRNA from other RNAs and does rely neither on prior knowledge of a miRNA target nor on comparative genomics. ::DEVELOPER Institut für Physikalische Biologie [...]

Oct 242014
GOseq 1.18.0 - Performing Gene Ontology (GO) based tests on RNA-seq data

GOseq 1.18.0 :: DESCRIPTION GOseq is an R library for performing Gene Ontology (GO) and other category based tests on RNA-seq data, which corrects for selection bias. ::DEVELOPER WEHI Bioinformatics :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Windows / Linux / MacOsX R package Bioconductor :: DOWNLOAD  GOseq :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Gene ontology analysis for RNA-seq: [...]

Oct 242014
FASTA 36.3.6f - Sequence Comparison

FASTA 36.3.6f :: DESCRIPTION FASTA programs find regions of local or global (new) similarity between Protein or DNA sequences, either by searching Protein or DNA databases, or by identifying local duplications within a sequence. Other programs provide information on the statistical significance of an alignment. Like BLAST, FASTA can be used to infer functional and evolutionary [...]

Oct 242014
Geneious 8.0.3 - Bioinformatics Software Suite

Geneious 8.0.3 :: DESCRIPTION Geneious Pro is an integrated, cross-platform bioinformatics software suite for manipulating, finding, sharing, and exploring biological data such as DNA sequences or proteins, phylogenies, 3D structure information, publications, etc. It features sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis, contig assembly, primer design and cloning, access to NCBI and UniProt, BLAST, protein structure viewing, automated [...]

Oct 232014
MF-GE 1.0 - Multiple Filters enhanced Genetic Ensemble System

MF-GE 1.0 :: DESCRIPTION MF-GE is a hybrid system for feature selection and sample classification of high-dimensional dataset. It is designed for microarray but can be applied to any other high-dimensional datasets. ::DEVELOPER Pengyi Yang :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Linux /  Windows / MacOsX Java :: DOWNLOAD  MF-GE :: MORE INFORMATION Citation BMC Bioinformatics. [...]