Sep 022014

PartiGene 3.0.6


PartiGene is a menu-driven, multi-step software tool which takes sequences (usually ESTs) and creates a dataabase of a non-redundant set of sequence objects (putative genes) which we term a partial genome.

PartiGene for OSX


The Blaxter Lab at The Institute of Evolutionary Biology University of Edinburgh








J Parkinson, A Anthony, J Wasmuth, R Schmid, A Hedley, M Blaxter:
PartiGene—constructing partial genomes,
Bioinformatics 2004 20(9):1398-404).

Sep 022014
DefiningTheRain - Automatically analysing BioRad's Digital Droplet PCR Output

DefiningTheRain :: DESCRIPTION Defining The Rain is a javascript program that allows user to cluster digital droplet PCR data to define cut offs and improve calling ::DEVELOPER DefiningTheRain team :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Linux / Windows / Mac OsX javascript :: DOWNLOAD   DefiningTheRain :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Low copy target detection by Droplet Digital [...]

Sep 022014
jMOTU 1.0.7 / Taxonerator 0.9 - Analysis of Large DNA Barcode Datasets

jMOTU 1.0.7 / Taxonerator 0.9 :: DESCRIPTION jMOTU is a software package for clustering barcode DNA sequence data into molecular operational taxonomic units (MOTU). Taxonnerator is a software package for carrying out simple similarity-based annotation of clustered barcode sequence data produced by jMOTU. It generates taxonomic annotation for MOTU by BLASTing representative sequences against a [...]

Sep 022014
Badger - An Accessible Genome Exploration Environment

Badger :: DESCRIPTION Badger provides an easy to use and intuitive way to explore and store genome data and gene predictions. It can be used as a central hub for genome projects allowing project members to search and access data as and when it is available. The database can hold multiple species, each with multiple [...]

Sep 022014
Yabi 8.0.0 - Online Research Environment for Grid, High Performance and Cloud Computing

Yabi 8.0.0 :: DESCRIPTION Yabi provides users with an intuitive, easy to use, abstraction of compute and data environments. ::DEVELOPER Centre for Comparative Genomics :: SCREENSHOTS N/a :: REQUIREMENTS Linux Python :: DOWNLOAD   Yabi :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Yabi: An online research environment for grid, high performance and cloud computing. Hunter AA, Macgregor AB, Szabo [...]

Sep 022014
Manteia 3.0 - Data Mining system for Vertebrate Genes

Manteia 3.0 :: DESCRIPTION Manteia is an advanced data mining system that allows researchers to combine a variety of data and tools in order to test hypotheses and address complex biological questions. ::DEVELOPER Manteia team :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Web Browser :: DOWNLOAD  NO :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Manteia, a predictive data mining system [...]

Sep 022014
DROMPA 2.5.1 - Peak-calling and Visualization Tool for Multiple ChIP-seq Data

DROMPA 2.5.1 :: DESCRIPTION DROMPA (DRaw and Observe Multiple enrichment Profiles and Annotation) is cost-effient program for peak-calling and visualization for ChIP-seq analysis. DROMPA outputs the protein binding profile map (ChIP-reads distribution and ChIP/control enrichment profile) with genomic annotation specified in pdf or png format, which can be easily handled and processed by users with [...]

Sep 022014
Repitools 1.11.2 - Analysis of Enrichment-based Epigenomic Data

Repitools 1.11.2 :: DESCRIPTION Repitools are tools for the analysis of enrichment-based epigenomic data. Features include summarization and visualization of epigenomic data across promoters according to gene expression context, finding regions of differential methylation/binding, BayMeth for quantifying methylation etc. ::DEVELOPER Mark Robinson :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Windows / MacOsX /  Linux R package :: DOWNLOAD [...]

Sep 022014
GEM 2.4.1 - Study Protein-DNA interaction using ChIP-Seq/ChIP-exo data

GEM 2.4.1 :: DESCRIPTION GEM (Genome wide Event finding and Motif discovery) is a software tool to study protein-DNA interaction using ChIP-Seq/ChIP-exo data. GEM resolves ChIP data into explanatory motifs and binding events at unsurpassed spatial resolution by linking binding event discovery and motif discovery with positional priors in the context of a generative model of [...]

Sep 022014
mspire 0.10.8 - Mass Spectrometry Proteomics in Ruby

mspire 0.10.8 :: DESCRIPTION Mspire is a full featured library for working with mass spectrometry data, particularly proteomic, metabolomic and lipidomic data sets. It aims to be fast, robust, and beautiful. ::DEVELOPER Prince Lab :: SCREENSHOTS N/A :: REQUIREMENTS Linux/MacOsX/Windows Ruby :: DOWNLOAD  mspire :: MORE INFORMATION Citation Prince JT, Marcotte EM. mspire: mass spectrometry proteomics [...]